Science Fair Time and Blog Renewal Time

Ty's Hypothesis: Objects fall faster through
hot water than cold water (By golly yes they do
 for the most part)

 Time once again for the public school science fair.  Four projects needed to be done at home this year.  Last night the kids and I managed to finish them up and get the particulars on tri-folds for the presentation today.

Tony and Tamira's Hypothesis:  Salt water freezes faster than plain water.
(Yes it does, but it never freezes hard)

Tinia's Hypothesis:  A poinsettia leaf deprived of light will
turn partly red and stay partly green (that is not how
it turned out)

Mary's Hypothesis: Warm cream will turn to butter faster
than cold cream (also found to be false)

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Marge said...

Good to know you haven't frozen solid up there in the north woods! Hope all is well with you and the kiddos.