Circus of the Heart

On Sunday I took the kids down to the big city to the Circus of the Heart, a party/carnival put on by Minnesota's adoption support community.  Kat and Reubs came with me to help keep track of the 10 kiddos we brought.  Oh what a great day!  I was so very proud of everyone and how well they behaved :)   I knew full well that 13 people in a van for a 4 hour trip each way could be an unhappy event, but no!  We even brought three pups along for the ride, which unbelievably turned out to be a great idea!
We drove clear down to the city, stopping to change out of jammies and into decent clothes to attend a worship service with a praise band worship team and everyone loved it.  We got there with about 5 minutes to spare before the service, 13 of us being greeted by many friendly people, headed right to the chapel and along the way Tony threw up.  Well, we really know how to make an entrance I guess.  Turns out he was just nervous about the whole deal and perked up after that... after all they had cookies and juice boxes and all kinds of good snacks!
Circus of the Heart was lots of fun for all the kids... So many adoptive families and tons of kids.  The short program beforehand was inspiring and reminded me of the reasons we adopted in the first place.
After that there was more food, face painting, t-shirt making, fingernail polishing, games, prizes, pony rides and a fire engine.  I even ran into Claudia
The kids had a great time:

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QueenB said...

POUND POUND POUND!!! Yo! You all okay up there? You are missed, hope you are holding up under the pressures of life. Blessings this New Year.