Life Bird List

I got to add SIX new birds to my life bird list on my recent escape  :)   I am going to add my life list to my blog sometime or other, but while I am awaiting free time for projects to materialize, I will just start with these six birds:
Pearly Eyed Thrasher

Masked Booby

TriColored Heron

Puerto Rican Green Mango


Green Throated Carib


Marge said...

No fair! We can't see them in Minnesota! They are beautiful. Glad you got to see them.

momto12 said...

Beautiful birds Linda!!

Mongoose said...

Beauty! I'm hoping to add many new birds to my list when I move in the spring to... Winnipeg MB! I looked you up on the map, it's only 550 km! We should do coffee sometime. :)